About Us

The Family behind Hillside Equestrian Center

Hillside Equestrian Center (H.E.C.) has been serving the Pueblo area since 2012. Founded by Scott Warner, H.E.C. provides a family friendly equine experience for its customers. Scott and Kim Warner along with their 3 teenagers, Abbie, Fletcher and Hannah care for the horses and maintain the H.E.C. facility. Sis is the resident barn cat and official greater. Their are goats, chickens and an occasional pig or two kept at the facility.

When not working the family enjoys trail riding, attending Ranch and Rodeo Bible Camps and doing attending the kid's sport, music and FFA activities.

Our Herd

Scott & Jolene

Fletcher & Shorty

Hannah & Philip

Abbie & Koda

Fletcher & Shorty, Hannah & Philip, Abbie & Skye

The Herd

Hannah & Philip

Abbie & Cheat

Fletcher & Shorty